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Restorations (fillings) are required to treat carious lesions (cavities or decay). A cavity is a hole in the tooth that has occurred over time because of a normal bacterial process that dissolves tooth material. It is important to treat all cavities even if they presently do not cause you any discomfort. If left untreated a cavity will continue to grow and can lead to more costly, timely, and unpredictable treatments. There are two basic filling materials: composite resins (tooth coloured) and amalgams (silver). Both of these materials are used at our office, we are more than happy to sit down and discuss the rationale for using either material.

Fillings, Crowns & Dentures

In dentistry, bridges provide a connection between teeth to replace a missing tooth. The teeth on either side of the space are reduced in size and crowns are placed on each of them with a fake tooth fused between the two. Bridges are cemented in your mouth and are not removable.

Implants are titanium screws which are placed directly in the jaw to replace a missing tooth (or multiple teeth). The implants can be used to replace any number of missing teeth or act as anchors to help give a compete denture a better hold.

Dentures, both full and partial, are the treatment used to replace multiple missing teeth. A full denture is when all of the teeth are missing. Partial dentures are used when one or more teeth are missing, but there are still natural teeth existing. A partial denture relies on natural teeth to act as anchors or support of the partials. Partials can be made of a combination of metal and acrylic or all acrylic.