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Routine Scaling, Cleaning and Exams

Scaling and prophylaxis, more commonly known as a “cleaning” is the first step in achieving optimal dental health. During this appointment the dentist will remove the buildup of tartar and plaque that has accumulated on your teeth and root surfaces. This treatment should be performed every 6 months, however in some cases plaque and tartar buildup faster which may require more frequent visits to treat and avoid more serious conditions.Type your paragraph here.

New patient exams and recall exams are performed to assess the health of the entire mouth. We will examine the hard and soft tissues (gums, teeth and the bones in your jaw and face) to determine if any treatment is required. During your exam we will explain our findings and determine a treatment plan in addition to home care instructions to help maintain a healthy smile. It is very important that we take regular radiographs (x-rays) to aid in this assessment. Without radiographs we are not able to provide you with the complete and accurate assessment you deserve.